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Listen to what some people are saying about Jap Jap:
  • "One of the finest chillout releases I ever heard! This one gives the whole variety of sounds, vocals, electronics and acoustic sounds in one release - there is no track which does not have a potential to let you calm and listen to the whole album in one ride!!! Respect Jasper!"
    Nagel - netlabel owner Maetrixsolution
  • "In writing reviews, I have given many excellent releases a 'five-star' rating but every now and then a collection comes a long that makes me wish there was an even higher rating. Jap Jap takes you on a colourful, nostalgic journey and the sound will reverberate through your head for hours after you've finished listening"
    Geoff Keough - music critic for
  • "I really was never into electronic music much but when I heard your track "Wish For Impossible Things"... Man that touched me... You are on the right track!"
    Dropzone Productions
  • "Your remix is incredible... I'm so proud of working with people of your level... I'm absolutely honored that you took the time to work on our track... The mix is out of this world... Can't thank u enough!!!"
    Enoc Torraca - bassist A Shoreline Dream
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