Blue Shimmery Fall

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Blue Shimmery Fall

Released: 27 January 2006

Jap Jap ascends to one of music’s glorious heights with his full length debut album “Blue Shimmery Fall”. The eleven tracks presented on the release are each swathed in elated soundscapes that are also grounded with a dynamic use of rhythm and percussion, as well as an ardent sense of melodic finesse. Jap Jap takes you on a colourful, nostalgic journey and the sound will reverberate through your head for hours after you’ve finished listening…

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Unlike nearly every release tagged as “electronica”, Jap Jap does not rely on the style’s clichés, such as glitches or dsp-effects.

Despite each track featuring little or no vocal accompaniment, the compositions never feel underdeveloped or incomplete, as the instrumental ambience, textures, rhythmic interplay, minimal drones, and soaring melodies pack enough sound into “Blue Shimmery Fall” that each moment is bursting with life and vivacity. Very positive-sounding, pleasant, soporific, melodic, ambient-ish IDM.


01 Fine Alaska
02 In A Bright Light
03 Spatial Analysis
04 Only You (Instrumental)
05 Rhythms In Space
06 Never Forget Everything Passes
07 Meeting Point
08 Now That You’re Here
09 Cosmic Trace
10 Living This Dream
11 In The Brightest Light