Remixes Compiled

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Jap Jap – Remixes Compiled

Released: 27 April 2013

Jap Jap’s “Remixes Compiled” gives you the entire spectrum of the electronic chillout genre and showcases a variety of aural gems and shining atmospheres. Ranging from intimate, dreamy, layered ethereal synths, muted beats and deliriously beautiful atmospheric flourishes to more uptempo shoegaze and post rock inspired explorations that somehow even further highlight the original intent.

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This glorious assemblage offers a varied collection of rare & unique songs reworked, all stunning in their own way.

Mostly utilized completely different in Jap Jap’s atmospheric signature style. Anyone with the slightest interest in the more esoteric end of electronic music will find more than the odd track to fall for here. “Remixes Compiled” is an addictive electronic dream pop record that will leave you with an overarching sense of joy…


01 Keith Canisius – Omorose (Jap Jap Remix)
02 Airiel – Sharon Apple (Jap Jap Remix)
03 Brim Liski – Supermassive (Jap Jap Remix)
04 Foals – Electric Bloom (Jap Jap Electrodandy Mix)
05 A Shoreline Dream & Ulrich Schnauss – Neverchanger (Jap Jap Remix)
06 Dead Leaf Echo – Thought Talk (Jap Jap Remix)
07 Daniel Land & The Modern Painters – Cherry Bark & Almonds (Jap Jap Remix)
08 Boards of Canada – Happy Cycling (Jap Jap Remix)
09 Franny Bee – Feel Free (Jap Jap Remix)
10 Mathon – Veia Traversina (Jap Jap Remix)
11 Brim Liski – Fight (Jap Jap Remix)
12 A Shoreline Dream – Departure (Jap Jap Remix)
13 Phoenix – Fences (Jap Jap Remix)
14 Boards of Canada – Zoetrope (Jap Jap Reinterpretation)