Jap Jap Relaxing Songs
Jap Jap Relaxing Songs

Shapes Are EP

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Shapes Are EP

Released: 13 December 2005

Seamlessly fusing elements of ambient and drum ‘n’ bass, this 4-track debut EP from Jap Jap is packed full of frantic breaks and instantly familiar synth hooks, but never hesitates to make room for blissful washes and pads. Like all the best music, “juxtaposition” is the key word. Delicate yet uncompromising.

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The EP “Shapes Are” is a refreshing move in a faster direction. The beats here hover in a tempo range that is unusual for for Jap Jap who is usually producing more easy listening material. The beats are more treated, there is more experimentation with effects and the sounds that accompany the beats are distant and organic: melodic ambience with a variety of environmental sounds.

The slow monumental nature of much of the composition is set against the close-up, transient nature of various shufflings, disturbances, found spaces and confronting beats. Reflecting on changes, structure and ambience “Shapes Are EP” is a unique mix of distant, warm, relaxing, uplifting and ecstatic sounds.


A1 Textures In Space
A2 Dood Pa
B1 And I
B2 Shakes Are OK

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