The Ever Expanding Light

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The Ever Expanding Light

Released: 13 October 2011

Fall in love under a vast expanse of cosmic oceans: sink deep into a cloud of dreamy sounds, waves of synths and warm bass-lines driven by relaxing downtempo beat work. Accompanied by distant layered backing vocals, with lush melodies that are lightly progressing, like a brilliant sun, a storm of sunbeams: a beautiful, awe-inducing force of nature. A forest at twilight, awash in gorgeous hazy light. It’s paradise…

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The album is an impressive work of both songwriting and atmosphere-creating. It’s light-as-air music, yet it also has weight, real feeling.

Jap Jap is weaving together textures and melodies in ways that stir up powerful emotions. Lay back and play these relaxing songs on repeat as lazy phrases and disconnected thoughts jump through your head. Somehow time seems to stretch and calm. A gorgeously patient, magnetic listen.


01 Motions Within
02 Uncertainty
03 All The Things
04 The Stars And I
05 Wind Tears
06 The Ever Expanding Light
07 We’re Getting Through This Together
08 Those Little Signs Only I Notice
09 Granular Reflections
10 Night Wanderings
11 Longing
12 Parting Ways