tono vala (Special Edition)

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Jap Jap & Morgenfish – tono vala (Special Edition)

Released: 20 September 2020

Special remastered 10 year anniversary edition, including 4 brand new tracks!

tono vala can be described as a movement through the moods and emotions harvested by Jasper Boer & Michaël Jacobs: long time friends and Netherlands-based chillout ambient electronica composers who produce solo material as Jap Jap & Morgenfish. The collaboration brings together their love for epic warm electronic compositions and benefits from their personal experiences.

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tono vala has a story to tell beyond the texture of it’s sound. tono vala is not just a thought, it’s a message. An integral part of your existence. Consume, be part of it…

The record is a dramatic step up from both of their previous solo-albums, mixing little references of both ambient electronica styles as well as a great sense for composition and subtle arrangements that push the entire release into a gloriously dreamy realm that hovers somewhere between the music of Ulrich Schnauss, Manual, Orange Crush or Boards Of Canada and the quieter moments of Helios or Benn Jordan.


01 Another Day Passed By
02 Daydreamer
03 Revealing Essentials
04 Wind Tears
05 Falling Layers
06 Frame of Mind
07 Frozen Memories
08 All The Things
09 Glacial Shift
10 A Message (Interlude)
11 Distorted Perspective