Wish For Impossible Things

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Wish For Impossible Things

Released: 14 February 2007

The second full length Jap Jap album “Wish For Impossible Things” is a blend of shimmery layered ambiance and influences from the minimal and deep house dance music genres.

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The whole album is more uplifting than the previous releases and has a vivid character and an electronic language that runs the jazz, IDM, chill-out, drum-n-bass, trip-hop genres gamut.

Jap Jap demonstrates a musical maturity more seasoned, commercial artists are still striving to attain. He’s created a shimmery synthesis of simplicity and electronic overdubs.


01 Something In The Way
02 The Symmetry Of Leaves
03 Hidden Under a Blanket of Snow
04 Between Two Styles (Instrumental)
05 Wish For Impossible Things
06 Trees, Arteries & Rivers
07 Falling (Instrumental)
08 See Me Right
09 Where V Is The Number Of Vertices
10 Slightly Off
11 Few Good Arguments